We are proud of what we do, providing meaningful healthcare by the exemplary effort we make to ensure your wellness. Our team of committed healthcare professionals, and inquiring minds to make you better.

Diagnosis With Precision
Examination of symptoms using latest technologies
Early detection is an important step to curing and managing disease symptoms. We partner with well-equipped diagnostic centers with the latest Computerized Axial Tomography (CAT) Scan technology which provides precise diagnosis for many ailments.

General Surgery
Evaluation and surgical treatment of a range of diseases
We are equiped to provide non-life-threatening minor surgeries sameday. For Weight -Loss we  offer tumescent VASER LipoSelection® procedure that enables you to go back to work in the minimum time. This is a low-pain path to a slimmer, more youthful body. The VASER LipoSelection® procedure uses the VASER® System’s patented innovative ultrasound technology for fatty tissue emulsion and proprietary cannulae designed to minimize tissue trauma during aspiration(suction).

Rehabilitation Therapy
Resume your active and healthy lifestyle
Beyond the medicine, our professionals also strive to help maintain quality of life for sometimes painful symptoms to help you resume your active and healthy lifestyle.

Affordable Care
Get the best quality for lowest rates
At Shiloh Health Centers we understand the economic situation of our patients and as  a result we strive to remain affordable without jeopardizing the level of care. We provide comprehensive, preventive and coordinated care that helps in the elimination of unnecessary duplication of costly services  that contribute to spiraling healthcare costs. This is why we continually get referrals from our existing patients. We are committed to our community.

Meet our team


Dr. Norman Samuels – Weight Loss & Hormone Therapy Beyond the medicine, our professionals also strive to help maintain quality of life.

Dr. Kenneth Henschel

Dr. Kenneth A. Henschel – Neurology & Pain Medicine We are here to address all your cares and concerns using available methods and technologies with collaborating physicians and ensuring your road to a healthier you. 


Dr. Syed H. Shah– Family & Sports Medicine In many families, women are the health care decision makers. They decide when children go for their checkups, looks after the elderly. Whether you’re a serious athlete or a weekend warrior, we’ll help keep you injury-free. And if you do get hurt, you’ll learn the latest on ACL tears, knee problems and rotator-cuff injuries. Plus, prepping for the marathon.

Dr. Sirac

Dr. Gregory F. Saric – Family Medicine As a dedicated trained Medical Doctor who is devoted to well-being and compassionate care. I am also trained in Suboxone treatment and will be available to help you achieve that goal with adequate preparedness and readiness for a better quality of life.

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What can I do to stay healthy? Yes, 65% of all deaths in adults are caused by heart disease, cancer and stroke. In many cases, these diseases were preventable. Many of the behaviors that cause these diseases begin at a young age. For example, if you use tobacco as a teenager, you’re more likely to get heart disease, cancer or stroke when you’re an adult. Read full answer Could you suggest a good diet? Mauris eget diam nibh, at sollicitudin nunc. Curabitur condimentum turpis nec dolor viverra iaculis ac convallis nisl. Read full answer Who do I contact with a billing question? Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, faucibus dignissim magna. Curabitur condimentum turpis. Read full answer

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Why choose our clinic? Professionalism, Ease of scheduling, Compassionate caring, Patient Access to care data. Team of Professionals Team of collaborating board certified physicians committed to service excellence. Useful Resources Current and constantly updated wealth of useful resources to help keen you informed of new and upcoming alternatives in the area of medicine. Other Services Bringing services together for the convenience of our patients and helping in finding support services. Jobs and Careers We are constantly reviewing resumes for other areas open for integration and complimenting our medical home goals. Statistics Our statistics speak for itself and we will continue to strive to make it better.